Wednesday, May 6, 2020

A look inside with Cait Regan

Today Cait Regan is giving us a look inside. 
Cait is a blogger, wife and mama to a sunshine boy named Wave. Cait shares their beautiful sunny life in California and her thoughts on motherhood and all of the real + raw moments that come with it. I love seeing Wave in my timeline and all of the health tips I’ve picked up from Cait along the way! 

describe where you are and what you can see?
I’m currently in the living room in a rocking chair with Wave asleep on my chest. Mama bliss!

tell us about your home. how would you describe your home’s aesthetic?
We live in a tiny one bedroom apt a few blocks from the water, so I would describe it as minimal + beachy!

what is your favorite thing / part about your home?
My favorite part is our location - since we can walk to the beach and downtown! 

what are your favorite local spots where you live (that you can’t wait to enjoy again)?
I’m in love with a fancy little plant based restaurant called Oliver’s of Montecito! We actually had our wedding reception + dinner there- it’s divine! :) Can’t wait to go on a date there with my husband after all of this madness! I also can’t wait to drive down the coast + have another day in the sun out in Malibu. Malibu is so special to me! 

what are you reading / watching / listening to right now?
I’m currently reading Little Fires Everywhere + so far I’m loving it! I recently finished the book called Where The Crawdads Sing + the ending left me speechless! We’ve been watching Ozark Season 3 on Netflix + we’re going to watch the movie 1917 this weekend because everyone says it’s incredible! I’ve been listening to the playlist on Spotify called “Surfrider Sounds” that the Surfrider Hotel made + it’s a total vibe. Sunshine + happiness in a playlist! 

what are you wearing these days? what’s your quarantine uniform?
99% of the time I’m wearing something from Mate The Label (even before quarantine hah!), Arq, Lullaby Club, You Swim, or Hara The Label! If I’m feelin’ like dressing up a little for fun, I’ll throw on some Auguste The Label dresses or The Bare Road linen! 

what are your daily rhythms? have you implemented some (or new) structures to your day or are you taking it a day at a time?
Honestly- no routine! It’s been refreshing to just take it day by day right now + go with the flow. Routines for me personally can feel a little “groundhogs day” 

favorite recipe or meal during this time?
I’ve been loooooving pancakes + on a serious kick! Haha! Almond flour ones or simple banana oat! 

how are you filling your time?
I’ve been going on lots of long walks around the neighborhood to get fresh air + sunshine! It helps break up our days + makes us feel less “stuck” 

how are you feeling? how are you staying positive?
Pretty dang stir crazy haha! I’m an outgoing person so I’m really missing social interactions + our friends! But I’m really grateful that we are all healthy + I’m enjoying slow living + extra family time! 

how do you make time for yourself and what does that look like in this season of life?
I don’t get much time alone, as Spencer is still working during this time + I’m a full-time SAHM! But even throwing on a face mask or taking a hot bubble bath at the end of the night really keeps me grounded!

what have you learned about yourself in this season of life? anything new?
That the “fluff” doesn’t matter. The fancy cars, the big house, the lash extensions, whatever. All that matters is love + family + nature! 

what has been the most unexpected blessing that has come out of this for you?
The extra time to appreciate what we already have instead of looking at things we “want”! You really learn the true meaning of gratitude in a time like this! 

 what has been the hardest part of this season for you? 
Being alone with the babe 95% of the week! A lot of people have their spouses home with them during this time + I think that would make this experience a little easier for me! Wave + I are used to being out all day or with our friends while Spencer is working, so being quarantined alone for almost 2 months now in a tiny apt has been wild! 

what are the big and/or little things you miss the most?I miss beach days with our friends, eating out at our favorite restaurants, + the freedom of being able to “go anywhere” when you feel like it! I was really hoping to take Wave to Disneyland for his birthday in May (obviously not happening now)- so those are the things I’m sad to miss out on! 

what is getting you through this?
My beautiful little family! knowing that there are many lessons to learn from this, hoping this is a reset for humanity + we can all come out of this just a little more selfless!

who or what is inspiring you these days?
nature. If the flowers are still blooming, bees are still buzzing, + the sunshine is still shining- then we can still wake up happy + with smiles on our faces! 

Thank you to Cait for agreeing to invite us in and share your thoughts during this time!
Come back next Wednesday for a new look inside. 


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