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A Look Inside with Allie Deberry Beede

Today Allie Deberry Beede is giving us a look inside.
Allie is an actress and wife to baseball player Tyler Beedee. Allie shares their life and all things fitness, beauty, easy yummy meals and travel inspiration.  
Allie and I have actually known eachother since we were kids! We grew up modeling together and our moms are best friends. I loved getting to virtually interview her and read about how she's spending her time at home. 

describe where you are and what you can see?

Lounging in our sitting nook off of the living room. My newly adopted cat is lazily lying on my rug below me gazing up with his big emerald eyes.

tell us about your home. how would you describe your home’s aesthetic?

I used to be all about color. Now in our new home, I have gone polar opposite with nearly all black & white. I describe it as Southwestern with a hint of modern boho. 

what is your favorite thing / part about your home? 

Our home was built by an Architect in the 80’s, so it’s design is very unique. We weren’t looking to buy a new home & were actually on a bike ride when we turned down a street in town I never knew existed. We saw the home & I pointed out how beautiful it was & casually called our relator friend to show it to us “just for something to do".  I completely fell in love as soon as I stepped in through the oversized red oak double doors though. It’s towering ceilings, atrium, floor to ceiling windows and funky shape all drew me in. The skylights let in even more natural light & are so cozy hearing the sound of rainfall pour down on them during our infamous Texas thunderstorms. The fun tile, shiplap & chandelier over a retro clawfoot bathtub was what absolutely sold me!

what are your favorite local spots where you live (that you can’t wait to enjoy again)? 

Chachi’s is our gem of a Tex Mex spot. It’s where all the waiters know you and your order by name. The food is mouth-watering, & they always joke when we close out our tab “See you maƱana?” (; 

what are you reading / watching / listening to right now?

Currently reading & doing the “Finding I Am” study by Lisa Terkeurst. “Where the Crawdads Sing” is waiting for me to start on my nightstand. 

Listening to The Surfaces, lots of Creedence Clearwater Revival, Ray Lamontagne for relaxing & our traditional Sinatra every night while cooking dinner. Just finished watching “Little Fires Everywhere” & “Home Before Dark”- (I) was def hooked! Especially intrigued by Disney+ nature documentaries at the moment. Not ashamed to admit I end up crying at some point or another (especially the elephant one ughhhh..)

what are you wearing these days? what’s your quarantine uniform?

Only effort I have made to truly get dressed was on Easter.. yikes lol. Living in workout clothes, tie dye sweats, and robes. My husband is still trying to get me to purge some of my robes because I have so many- but that will never happen because they’re my favorite thing to wear (;

what are your daily rhythms? have you implemented some (or new) structures to your day or are you taking it a day at a time?

Because my schedule is typically so scattered during this time of year, I am finding it refreshing to have somewhat of a routine currently.

I wake up, let the cats out (& feed them half a slice of turkey bacon or else they throw the biggest tantrum lol), make breakfast for Ty & I. He heads off to rehab his elbow from surgery while I do a workout (barre, yoga, HIIT). I then do my daily chores [cleaning kitchen, cats litter, making the bed, tidying up what somehow already got messy in less than 24 hours from the day before- ha!] If it’s sunny out, I lay outside for some Vitamin D (with SPF of course) and do my bible study / quiet time / prayer & meditation on the Abide app. Ty returns & I will make us lunch, we do some work on our computers, respond to emails, whatever business needs to be done. He often records a podcast or does some interviews, & we brainstorm our next house reno together. We are certainly busy bees and always have to have a project going on or we get stir crazy.. Next, we take a few mile walk down by the lake, come home & cook dinner, then watch tv for a bit. Read, bath, bedtime! 

favorite recipe or meal during this time?

We have been juicing a lot- ABC juice. Apples, beets, carrots & celery. We often throw in a little ginger too. 
We also make a lot of chalupas for an easy meal. Fry tortillas in avocado oil to get them crisp, top with black beans & veggies, lean ground turkey, homemade guac. Pasta is often a bi-weekly meal considering Ty is Italian & he is always craving it. Making bread from scratch is next on our bucket list. Unfortunately, we have (or should I say I have) been indulging in WAY too much dessert. Lemon bars, homemade ice cream with coconut milk & frozen bananas, strawberries with Nutella, homemade choc chunk cookies.. You name it… ahhh! Now I need something sweet just after typing this.

how are you filling your time?
We each have a bible study group we meet with 2x a week. They are definitely a bright light & it’s always nice getting to interact & see their faces even if just through a computer screen. They encourage & keep me accountable. Zoom calls with family. Renovating our courtyard. Planting flowers. Working out has always been a big part of my day because I am truly moody without the endorphins (you were right all along Elle Woods.. )

how are you feeling? how are you staying positive?

90% of the time I feel optimistic. I know that God is using this time to allow us all to catch our breath & allow us to see how many things we rush to go & do that are simply unfulfilling. He’s showing us (in my opinion) all of the busyness & idols we have made that are unnecessary. I feel we have all come to the realization now that health & family are truly priority.

how do you make time for yourself and what does that look like in this season of life?

My routine allows me to maintain every area of my life that I feel is truly important to me. My health, my spiritual life, quality time with my husband, self care. Family. 

what have you learned about yourself in this season of life? anything new? 

I’ve learned I do not need to eat out as much as I do, shop as much as I was, & fill my schedule to the point of burning myself out.  I have always felt unaccomplished if I don’t check all the boxes of my to-do list everyday. I struggle with this especially during the quarantine- because I tell myself that I have no excuse not to get it all done because I am home all day after all.Which leads me to….

what has been the most unexpected blessing that has come out of this for you? 

Tyler has implemented a Sabbath day into our week. Despite being a Christian most of my life I never took a true Sabbath day to rest. I tried to discourage him from pursuing the idea, knowing fully well that I am addicted to my phone.  Now though, I see just how beneficial it is when God commanded we have a day of rest. Heck, HE even rested on the 7th day, & he is GOD- so why do we think that we as mere humans do not also need that time? No phones, no television, no discouraging news playing in the background… it provides a reset for us for the week. While I used to dread it, I now look forward to having no disturbances & distractions. It truly has brought a sense of peace during these uncertain times.

what has been the hardest part of this season for you?

I somehow feel the opposite of everyone in that the days & weeks have been flying by. Selfishly I have enjoyed the down time. I feel guilty though, knowing how many people have been very sick & those who have died. Also, the amount of people risking their lives every day on the front-lines. My heart aches for everyone losing their jobs & now in finical binds. There is just so much out of our control. It’s overwhelming & hard not to stress about what is next come.

what are the big and/or little things you miss the most?

Watching my husband out on the mound. Hopping on a plane to explore a new city. Sitting inside quaint restaurants. Hugs. Doing my hair & makeup and going out to dinner with my girlfriends before a baseball game. Chit chatting in the stands. Going to church. Being on set. Our usual Easter gathering with all of my extended family. Not having to wear masks everywhere & worry about the health of family. Interaction with someone besides just my cats & husband lol.. & especially HOMEGOODS!!

what is getting you through this? 

My faith. Knowing that God has seen this through. He is pruning us just like the branches so that we will bear more fruit.

who or what is inspiring you these days?

My husband for his positive mentality throughout his surgery & year long rehab process. He has been in the word more than ever & hearing him on his daily Skype calls with other guys spreading the good news & his testimony melts my heart.

 fill in the blank:

a worthy investment is…. If you are financially able.. a home! Nothing like having a place to call your own. My husband laughs at me because almost every day I say aloud to myself “I just love our home so much!” But it truly does bring me joy implementing all of the decor that I have picked out, & making memories here. I never knew I was such a homebody until quarantine because I have been unbothered with not being able to leave. And if you are eventually able to flip it & make some cash off of the place like we did our past home- score!!

every woman needs….  Confidence. A good attitude. & a cozy robe (or 8… sorry Ty ;P )

favorite morning / day of the week… Sabbath!

three things on your side table right now…. 
1.Vaseline for slathering on my lips every hour (I have a problem, I am aware…) 
2. My Bridgewater Sweet Grace candle (smells SO good & feeds 3 children with every purchase)
3. My black & white conch seashell I found on my last trip to St Thomas. It reminds me of my favorite place to be- the Caribbean basking in the tropical air & ocean breeze :) 

Thank you to Allie for agreeing to invite us in and share your thoughts during this time!
Come back next Wednesday for a new look inside. 

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