Hi, I’m Savannah: an actress, interior design and slow fashion enthusiast. 

I was born and raised outside of Dallas, TX and moved to Los Angeles 10 years ago where I am currently still located with my husband, Carman. While LA feels like and is home now, I love and miss my family in Texas like crazy and we hope to end up back there. 
I’ve been married to the love of my life for almost 3 years now and count myself incredibly lucky to do life with my best friend everyday. He’s my biggest champion and supporter (though my mom would argue he’s a close second). 
I love interior design and decorating and am happiest when we’re rearranging our home for the 5th time in one month or at our local flower market picking up a new plant. 

I love film photography, plants and floral design, sustainable clothing and all things home decor. 
I like our home to feel inspired by nature, clean, neutral, with personal touches that make it feel like ours. 
I’d also love to own a business someday and often day dream about it with Carman (one day!). 

This blog is centered on inspiring thoughtful living one post at a time. It contains my thoughts and opinions on a variety of things and is a chronicle of my journey to a well-edited home and wardrobe (with some humor and real life mixed in there). 
I think all good things come from the heart and the home and I’m excited to share both of mine with you.

I’m glad you’re here (+ subscribe to stay up to date on all things From the Heart and The Home) 

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