Wednesday, May 13, 2020

a look inside with Abby Tohline

Today Abby Tohline is giving us a look inside. 
Abby is a mama to the sweetest boy (with the best hair), William, as well as a wife and photographer. She shares the most beautiful photos of their life and within 5 seconds on her feed you’re trying to figure out how to move to Portland. Abby and I started following each other and became friends through Instagram as we ended up delivering our baby boys 2 weeks apart! I’m always inspired by the recipes she makes and seeing Portland through her lens.

describe where you are and what you can see?

I'm sitting in my living room, which is currently covered in the warm glow of the setting sun. 

tell us about your home. how would you describe your home’s aesthetic?

we live in a three story town-home in a Portland, OR. our living space is on the third floor, which is unique but wonderful. It's like living in a tree house in the city. I would describe my aesthetic as light and airy minimalist with some playful vibrant touches. 

what is your favorite thing / part about your home?

I love the lighting our place gets. Living in the PNW you have to be okay with overcast days, and our big windows make that easy for me. I love rainy days and gray skies, and these big windows help me enjoy that fully! 

what are your favorite local spots where you live (that you can’t wait to enjoy again)?

I love our local art museum. I feel so calm and at ease there! I also love my neighborhood stores! Solabee is this amazing floral shop, with what have to be the most talented florists in the world. Their bouquets are so uniquely beautiful. when we aren't quarantined, I visit them often to have bouquet made and just be in there lovely shop. next door to Solabee is a wonderful shop called Shipwrecked. the owner keeps her pup with her and the shop is full of local skincare, vintage clothing, records, vegan nail polish, clogs - it's basically heaven. I also really miss my favorite vegan burger place. It's a straight edge bar called Blackwater, and they make the single best burger I've ever tasted (vegan or otherwise) 

what are you reading / watching / listening to right now?

I'm reading There I Am by sweet friend Ruthie Lindsey. she is incredible, and her story is intoxicating. 
My partner and I just started The Sopranos and we are LOVING IT. Give me all the HBO dramas. 
I'm listening to a million podcasts ALWAYS! 

what are you wearing these days? what’s your quarantine uniform?

loungewear! But the kind that I feel good going out in public in. I need to feel put together, but also comfy comfy. 

what are your daily rhythms? have you implemented some (or new) structures to your day or are you taking it a day at a time? 

I definitely thrive with a rhythm in place! At the beginning of this, I needed to just take it day by day, but now I've found a good rhythm for my family and me!
my son and I spend the morning together, playing, meditating, hydrating, and working out (in no particular order) then while he naps I go for a quick run around our local park. in the evening we go on a walk the three of us, then eat dinner together. It's been nice to have that structure and so much outside time. I need those endorphins from fresh air, running, and meditation - so it's been really positive finding this flow that works for us. 

favorite recipe or meal during this time?
Steamed broccoli with some creamy quinoa. my mouth is watering even thinking about it! 

how are you filling your time?

Lots of playtime with my son, FaceTiming family, cooking, keeping things clean - just controlling what I can and doing things I know will boost my mood! 

how are you feeling? how are you staying positive?

At the beginning I found this situation to be very overwhelming. I'm an empath, and having the whole world go through a collective trauma felt so heavy. I would lay in bed at night with my heart and mind racing, trying to fight off the anxiety and deep sorrow I was feeling. We have been very lucky and privileged to be affected far less than some, but the grief in the world was affecting me deeply. 
I needed to sit in that, and feel those feelings for a few days instead of fighting it, and then after that I was able to find this positive rhythm, and focus on things I know keep me mentally healthy, like getting outside, staying hydrated, meditation, exercise, getting dressed each day. I would say now I'm feeling good! some days are harder, and I just let them be tough days, then I can move on more easily the next day. 

how do you make time for yourself and what does that look like in this season of life?

That's one thing that has been completely cut out. Someone teach me how to get alone time during this pandemic! 

what have you learned about yourself in this season of life? anything new?

that I am more adaptable than I thought. 

what has been the most unexpected blessing that has come out of this for you?

Our daily evening walks have been the greatest discovery! It's one hour where we are completely unplugged and away from our phones, we just talk, or smile at our boy, or enjoy the fresh air and walk together. I hope it's something we continue to do after this, because it's been such a beautiful time together. 

what has been the hardest part of this season for you? 

Staying positive and keeping mentally healthy! This has been a challenge for me most of my life, but this season is especially difficult in combating anxiety and depression. 

what are the big and/or little things you miss the most? 

I miss seeing family. most of our family lives states away, and some on the opposite coast. Usually we do an excellent job of seeing one another regularly, so putting a pause on that has been tough. Especially with William growing and changing so much. his grandparents miss him terribly. 
I also really miss interacting with the small business owners in my neighborhood. I regularly visit the shops I mentioned before, and knowing they are in a huge time of stress, and not getting to see them and chat makes my heart ache. 

what is getting you through this?

my son! he really makes each day so joy filled. it's hard to focus on all the negative, when I'm living with an actual sunbeam. 

fill in the blank:

a worthy investment is…supporting local businesses! Restaurants and small shops need our help now more than ever.

every woman needs…a gua sha stone! 

favorite morning / day of the week…Sunday! something just feels special about a Sunday morning

three things on your side table right now...oil diffuser, polaroids of my son, water bottle

 Thank you to Abby for agreeing to invite us in and share your thoughts during this time!
Come back next Wednesday for a new look inside. 

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