Wednesday, May 20, 2020

a look inside with Morgan Suarez

Today Morgan Suarez is giving us a look inside
Morgan is a wife, mama of 2 sweet girls, blogger, photographer and barre instructor. I am always finding myself inspired by her honest words, beautiful presets and most recently the workouts she has been sharing through IGTV! She is sharing her skill (read: job. for free) and keeping everyone moving with easy-to-do at home workouts! 

describe where you are and what you can see?
I am laying on my bed with the windows open and the cool breeze flowing in. I can hear my daughter playing in the blow up pool on our porch and helicopters patrolling our beach lol

tell us about your home. how would you describe your home’s aesthetic?
We live in a 500 square foot beach cottage, and it took me a long time to find my style. I was constantly redecorating because it was never exactly what I wanted and it never felt like “me”.  Because we’re renting, there’s some limitation to what we can change, but we work with what we have. I would now describe my aesthetic and a mixture of beachy, moroccan, spanish, and midcentury. I felt very inspired by our trip to Puglia, Italy last year and pull a lot of inspo from the scenery and architecture there. It feels very calm and comfortable and we love our little home. 

what is your favorite thing / part about your home?
I love our loft. Even though you can’t stand up in it, I’ve always loved the character a loft adds to a house. I also love the high ceilings everywhere else because it make the house feel much bigger!

what are your favorite local spots where you live (that you can’t wait to enjoy again)?
Our beach just closed, so definitely the beach. Other than that, all our cute locally owned coffee shops and restaurants. We used to walk to some local breakfast spots on the weekends and then take it to the beach to eat, and I really really miss that.

what are you reading / watching / listening to right now?
Definitely don’t have time to read, by the time the kids go to sleep we’re so exhausted that we end up going to be too. So the answer is nothing lol

what are you wearing these days? what’s your quarantine uniform?
All the lounge sets and I recently bought an oversized linen dress that I’ve been living in.

what are your daily rhythms? have you implemented some (or new) structures to your day or are you taking it a day at a time?
We’re kind of taking it a day at a time, but one thing we’ve been sticking to is a bedtime routine.  Other than that we just try to get out of the house at least once per day. I’m definitely not the craft-a-day, perfect schedule type of mom.

favorite recipe or meal during this time?
Banana bread, like everyone else lol. Also my husband makes a BOMB fettuccine alfredo. 

how are you filling your time?
Walks, bike rides, taking photos, rearranging the house, decorating, crafts, cleaning, purging, and going on drives.

how are you feeling? how are you staying positive?
My feelings change by the day and depending what I’ve read on the internet haha. When I’m feeling down or discouraged, I try to think about all that I’m grateful for: health, a roof over our head, quality time spent together. 

how do you make time for yourself and what does that look like in this season of life?
Oh man, that’s the tough part these days. I’ll enjoy a bath in the evening sometimes, or lounge on my bed while the kids play with my husband in the other room. 

what has been the most unexpected blessing that has come out of this for you?
Definitely the quality family time. Such a blessing in disguise and something I’ll really miss when everything goes back to normal. I will most certainly cry when my husband goes back to work. Also just slowing down. We’re a very go go go family, can’t sit still, can’t stay home all day, so it’s been a nice forced restful season for us. 

what has been the hardest part of this season for you?
Honestly, all the time together. While it’s a huge blessing, it’s also been tough on our marriage because we’re not used to being together 24/7. But it’s brought up a lot of issues within ourselves that we wouldn’t have had the chance to deal with normally, so it’s also been a little refining time for us. 

what are the big and/or little things you miss the most?
Sitting at a coffee shop, play dates/ mom dates, and definitely beach days. 

what is getting you through this?
Knowing that it’s temporary, and that God has a plan and a reason for every season. Trusting that He is in control no matter what is happening and how scary it may be. 

who or what is inspiring you these days?
Pinterest, instagram, and the little bit of nature we get to see. 


 fill in the blank:

a worthy investment is…. some quality linen bedding to lounge on.
every woman needs…. a piece of chocolate a day.
favorite morning / day of the weekMonday morning, feels like a fresh start.
three things on your side table right now…. diffuser, coffee mug, a vase.

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