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my most asked question on Instagram / in general is by far: “where do you get all Miles’ toys?” or more specifically, "where do you get all of his wooden toys".

I’ve been slowly working on this post and putting it off for a while, mainly because writing a blog post and rounding up links is not easy when you’re a personal assistant to a two foot tall dictator, albeit super cute (lol).

but alas! here we are, on day whatever of quarantine and I’m finding myself with a weird hybrid of more and less time than I’ve ever had all at the same time. So I’m rounding up our favorite wooden toys and sharing where we find them all! 

music set, drum, banjo
When I’m shopping for toys, I try to look for toys that will grow with Miles and last for years to come. 

Before Miles was born, Carman and I talked about and dreamt up our approach to parenting and how we would merge our lifestyle and home with all of the new + fun things that come with parenting (i.e toys everywhere). This included having few, but purposeful and quality toys (and spoiler alert: lots of baskets to corral toys). 

 Beyond the fact that wooden toys are notoriously more beautiful and higher quality than their plastic counterparts - they are also better for your baby! 

Wooden toys encourage imagination + open ended play and they don’t contain the chemicals that most plastic toys are made with. Many plastic toys have chemicals that are linked to things like hormone disrupters, which is a huge reason to avoid them — especially because children learn by putting things in their mouths! (if you do buy plastic, make sure it says PVC free!)

bead maze, ball grasping toy, wooden rattle, pastel stacker (Miles' current fav toy), skwish, peace sign teether, school bus

I love that I’ve seen Miles grow with a lot of these toys since he was born and I love knowing we’ll be able to enjoy them with future babies as well.

Wooden toys can be more of an investment up front, but the same way you look at investing in quality clothes, home goods, etc you should look at toys for your child the same way (especially if you hope to have multiple!).

Think of it as an accumulated collection over time - between birthdays, Christmas, other gift giving times. The point isn’t to constantly get new toys or to have a million - but to slowly gather a collection of toys that are enjoyed and played with now and that will last for years to come. The end goal is to want better, not more (and to teach Miles that as well!). 

shape sorter, school bus

Wooden toys are wonderful and there is always a wooden substitute for a commonly used plastic toy - you just have to look! I also love to keep my eye out when we're in a new place for a locally made option rather than having a house full of cool things that I bought impulsively on the internet. (**when researching and shopping for wooden toys, make sure they’re either raw wood, sealed with a natural sealer like beeswax or coconut oil, and made with safe, non-toxic natural paint.)


1. montessori bundle - a great starter bundle for the first 6mo (and beyond - babies love to revisit favorite toys)
2. stacking rings - the rings can start as a teether and when they're older, they'll use it as intended.
3. giraffe rolling toy - such a cute alternative to a car
4. heirloom rattle - a classic
5. wooden stacking rocks - we have these and Miles loves them!
6. heirloom wooden animals - these are so fun and perfect for learning, teething, open ended imagination etc. a little pricey, but your baby wont grow out of them. I have a set on Miles' wishlist.
7. classic block set - you can never go wrong with a classic block set. i love this one and we also have this one.
8. wooden cars - Miles loves wooden cars.
9. classic ring stacker - we have a tiny ring stacker (pictured above) - but Miles figured it out pretty early and its so easy for him now - I'm looking to get one a little bigger for a challenge!
10. shaker - Miles has had this toy since he was 3 months old and he still enjoys playing with it and shaking it. 
11. face puzzle - great for older babies and teaching about parts of the face!
12. wooden stacking toy - another version of a stacker - these could also work as blocks! 

some of our favorite wooden toy brands:

Grimm’s: more of an investment than other brands, but these are made to last and will grow with your kids for years. 

Plan Toys: one of our favorites! affordable, good quality and easy to find - Plan Toys is sold at Target, Amazon, etc.

Haba: We liked some of their smaller grasping toys when Miles was a little baby and Miles got their bead maze for his birthday. (shown in a picture above!)

Manhattan Toys: super cute stuff and a lot of great wooden + soft toy options. also affordable! 

Etsy: one of my favorite sources for handmade wooden toys! love supporting independent makers and there are so many wonderful options. I'm a big fan of everything from Heirloom Toys - they have great bundles that include all you need! 

Melissa and Doug: easily accessible and we’ve liked a few of their things. Miles has their music set and he loves it. 

Lovevery: an affordable subscription plan that sends toys based on your baby’s age and development! Our first play kit is on its way and I love fact that each toy has a purpose and is right on track with what he is interested in. This would be a great subscription to have to keep you from over-buying - meaning each toy gets played with! (and as a parent, my favorite part is the set of cards each kit comes with that gives you ideas on how to play with and engage your little one!)


(I even have a section for older toddlers / kids where I save things we are interested in for Miles when he gets bigger!)


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