Sunday, April 26, 2020

introducing: A look Inside

A Look Inside:
quarantine profiles: a look inside the lives, homes and rhythms of women I admire (and know you will too)— to bring us together while we are apart. 

I don’t know about you but I have found myself less into the perfect pictures and put togetherness of social media these days and more inspired and interested in the glimpses behind the proverbial curtain that people are sharing. Their homes. Their new found rhythms and/or chaos. Their families. Their mess. I’m feeling more connected to people in a time we are advised (read: URGED. FORCED. OBLIGATED) to be apart. While we are all missing out on physical community, I wanted to bring back the deep personal connection of community through social media — the reason it all began in the first place. 

enter:  A LOOK INSIDE. 

A Look Inside is a series of pictures and profiles on how people are doing, what they are doing and the space that they're doing it all in during this time of distance and separation. Let’s not stop inviting people into our homes during this time, lest we forget how to. Let's invite each other in as best we can — into the real and raw and hope we come out of this uncertain time changed and more connected to each other and what really matters.  

think of them as virtual coffee dates, if you will.

I hope you enjoy getting to look inside the lives of these lovely women as much as I did and that you'll follow along here each week for a new profile on Wednesdays (as well as Instagram)! 


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