Thursday, January 16, 2020

Neutral rug round up + inspiration

(source *also the rug we have in our living room! )

After being rug-less and on the hunt for months, I took to Instagram to help me decide between a few neutral moroccan inspired rugs for our living room. Carman was over the search and thought they all looked the same and if I’m being honest the poll only made it harder because like me, everyone loved all of them. As much as I love our hardwood floors (and believe me I LOVE them), theres nothing like a good rug to warm up a space and make it feel like home. 

Carman and my parents surprised me with our dream rug for Christmas and we love it so much. It’s definitely an investment piece and one we plan to have for a long time. We also happen to know the owners of the company and I am all about shopping small and supporting smaller / local / family owned businesses when we can! 

Post rug search, I got a lot of DM’s asking where our living room rug is from and where to look for rugs so I thought a little round up of some neutral rugs I love would be helpful! 

01 / 02 / 03 * / 04 / 05 / 06 / 07 / 08 ** / 09 /

* really similar look to our living room rug
** this one is washable!

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