Saturday, December 21, 2019

gift guide for mama

As a new mama myself, I had to share some of my favorite and most used items this year! Any new mama will love these and use them daily!

01. nursing pillow - this has been so much more than a nursing pillow for me. while I don't think a nursing pillow is a total necessity, we use this pillow every day with Miles. he sits up on this, it barricades him from rolling off the bed, etc. it's also the most stylish nursing pillow and its 100% organic so nothing nasty is coming into contact with you and your precious baby.
02. mate the label - I am not exaggerating when I say I LITERALLY wear something from Mate the Label every single day (I am wearing the remi thermal as I type this). organic cotton pieces made sustainably in LA - the dreamiest fits and colorways. you'll feel put together even when you're covered in milk/spit up/ who knows what (and you will be).
03. bra - I asked for another one of these Shop Arq bras for Christmas this year. also organic cotton and a great nursing bra without being a "nursing bra".
04. face oil - this plum face oil from Vitruvi is one of my favorites. I used it every day post-Miles to keep my tired skin looking alive and didn't have to worry if any got on him / near him. 100% clean. (you can use my code 'SAVANNAH' for 20% off your order!)
05. cleaning products - as a new mom, you're pretty paranoid about everything that comes into contact with your baby. they're fragile systems are sensitive and Branch Basics is the cleanest thing I've come across. this one product makes every cleaning product you need in your house and its nontoxic and 100% baby / everyone safe. it's all we use in my house and I'm working on converting my mom.  (watch Stink! on Netflix and follow Branch Basics on Instagram for more info on why you should toss the toxins that are in all of the products in your house!). gift the new mama in your life some Branch Basics and then offer to clean her house!
06. carry-all backpack - this unisex backpack from Storq is our everyday diaper bag! plenty of room for all the essentials while still being small enough to not bump everything in your vicinity. I love that it looks great on Carman and I and that it can eventually just be used as a regular backpack!
07. slippers - really self explanatory here. mama = at home = needs slippers = snuggly.
08. scrunchies - these silk scrunchies by Silk are the best! a little pricey but they're the only scrunchies that don't leave a crease in my hair - and when you have limited opportunities to shower / wash your hair / get ready for the day, you want to preserve it for as long as possible when you do.
09. Public Goods - you're not getting out to the store much in the early days - enter Public Goods. all the sustainable basics you need in one place! you can use my code "SAVJAYDE' for 25% off your first order!

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