Friday, December 20, 2019

gift guide for baby

sharing a few of the things I put on Miles' Christmas list that I think any little one in your life would love! They are all (except for two) available on Amazon too - so "hello, Amazon Prime" for those last minute gifts!

01. wooden drum - I am so excited for Miles to open this. He loves when Carman plays the guitar and I can't wait for him to be able to join in.
02. rainbow stacker - this toy will be beautiful sitting out AND Miles will love to stack it all different ways and one day I'm sure its pieces will become ramps and bridges for cars and people. A gift he'll be able to enjoy for years and years.
03. shape sorter - a perfect toy for development! these toys teach babies about permanence - that just because he can't see something doesn't mean that it's gone - and also about shapes and puzzles!
04. walker - one of the prettiest walkers I've found! it also comes with blocks and can be pushed or ridden! perfect to help him figure out his first steps.
05. face toy - one of the only items not available on Amazon (although there is a similar one listed in my storefront, and its half the price!). Miles is super into faces and we've been working on learning wear our nose, mouth and eyes are. another toy he'll be able to play with for a long time.
06. wash cloth - a cute little puppet washcloth to make bath time even more fun.
07. stacker - a classic for a reason!
08. drawing board - Miles is a little young for this so I have in an Amazon list for his 1st birthday! its so cute and would be the perfect toy to entertain a little one while traveling!
09. square book - this is Miles' all time favorite book. we read it at least twice a day, so for Christmas we got him Triangle and Circle, the other two books in the series. Carman is very excited that he has his first trilogy. lol

I love that all of these toys are made of wood, meaning they're not only nontoxic but they will also last for years!

happy shopping!

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