Monday, December 16, 2019


I've bought most of these things for Carman over the years so I feel like I can vouch for them and a few of them are on his list this year! 

01. boots : These are Carman's all time favorite boots and he wears them every day. He's had them for 6+ years already and they're holding up great. An investment but they're made to last and you can continue to get them repaired once they start showing signs of wear (like getting them resoled!) - this year he wants them in brown. 
02. backpack : Carman bought a vintage bike this year that he's been fixing up and once it's ready to ride, I know he'll need a weather resistant backpack to carry all his stuff in. I love this one from Everlane because it's made out of recycled polyester and is water resistant! 
03. water bottle : I got this for my birthday and now Carman has decided he needs one too. 
04. tees : Carman loves everything Buck Mason. His favorite tees! They're perfectly broken in and I love all the faded colors. 
05. leather coasters : I think its so funny, but Carman loves coasters. Get your man some manly man leather coasters because he's a man. and they're man coasters. men. (but I like these too and they'd make a great stocking stuffer!)
06. cookbook : I do most (read. all) of the cooking in our house, but Sqirl is one of Carman's favorite restaurants back in LA so I'm thinking if I get this maybe he'll start cooking?
07. reusable coffee filter : if your guy uses any kind of pour over or a Chemex, they're going through a lot of filters! I got this for Carman last year and he likes it so much more than the paper filters, plus it's reusable! He says the coffee tastes better - so maybe that's a good reason too if the guy in your life is a coffee purist like Carm. 
08. robe : dress up your guys sweatpants with this handsome (also unisex!) robe from Oddbird. I actually stole Carman's so maybe we need another one. 
09. vintage sneakers : I'm super into these vintage Reebox so I put them on Carman's Christmas list but he likes them too and I think so would any other guy so you trust me on this one. 

next up - for babies and then mamas! 

stay tuned xx

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