Sunday, December 15, 2019


These are things I own, use, or that are on my list this year / forever! We’re all about few but quality gifts. We don’t want to accumulate more things just for the sake of it, but we want to save up and invest in things we’ll have for years and years to come. 

01. everyday oil : use this for literally everything. to wash your face, as a face oil, in place of perfume, on your hair. etc. it is literally your everyday oil for every thing.
02. sweater : probably the coziest sweater I own. It's oversized and super soft. (I also wear a tank bra from Shop Arq under it so it's never been itchy!)
03. organic undies : buy these for everyone you know. the most comfortable undies I've ever worn, 4 different cuts, and my favorite neutral colors. made out of organic cotton which is made to breathe and they have a recyclable program so your old undies don't end up in a landfill AND they give you a free pair as a reward for recycling. WIN.
04. essential oil diffuser : obviously every color of this diffuser is beautiful, but the terra-cotta which was a limited edition has made its permanent return and SHE IS PERFECT. perfect gift for any lucky lady (or man, baby, mom, brother, literally anyone) in your life.
05. organic bedding : I'm a homebody and all about making our bedroom a retreat. and Miles is pretty into it too because he will only sleep with us - so he has bedding standards now too. Coychi is my favorite place to get any and all textiles from. all organic cotton and all so beautiful.
06. sandals : so I know you're thinking "it's winter, I'm not buying sandals" - but these sandals are so perfect I would wear them and willingly freeze. they're an investment and they've been on my wishlist for a while. made to last, so they're the only pair you'll need.
07. reusable bags : I can't tell you how often I'm reaching for a reusable bag and these come in all sorts of pretty patterns and colors. they also have great totes, backpacks, etc!
08. bralette : Pansy bras are on my Christmas list this year and I want every color (but will settle for one).  made out of organic cotton with none of the extra uncomfy things. also compostable!
09. clean lipstick : clean, nontoxic formula and the most universally flattering colors. I have Undone and wear it when we're going out - which if you're keeping track, just happened for the first time in 8 months. Rosewater is on my list for a more every day shade that. I love knowing it's clean so I don't mind kissing Miles with a little on! (I also have the chapstick and wear that most days! )

Just a quick last minute list if you're scratching your head for some quality ideas! I'll be posting a guide for him, babies, and new mamas!

stay tuned xx

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