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Last time we talked about uniform dressing: we talked about what it is, why I like it and a few of the pieces that make up my personal uniform. Part II is diving into my uniform a little deeper and sharing some sources of information, inspiration and where I shop for my uniform.

What makes my uniform, my uniform? 

Uniform dressing is a broad, general term that requires making it your own for it to work for you. My uniform, while it can inspire you, won’t be exactly the same as yours. Your uniform is made up of your style, how you view fashion and what you need out of your clothes. Are you a stay at home mom? Do you work in an office? Do you walk to work or take public transportation? Do you leave work and go straight to something else and need transitional pieces? Your uniform reflects what you do in your clothes and ‘who you are’ when it comes to style. 

Fashion and style are different. Style is personal, it’s an expression or reflection of self. It’s how you view things. It’s your taste. And it’s what works for you. While fashion is dictated by other, outside sources. It’s of the moment. It’s trends. Style is what you make from fashion. 

Your uniform is based on your style. 

Another important part of my uniform or closet, is that it’s made up of pieces that were ethically made. Or that have sustainability in mind. Slow fashion. Not every piece I own is (ethically made) —  but it’s important to me and something that I try to look for in pieces that I bring in now.  I want to dress myself in pieces that I know are good for other people and good for the environment. I want to have a conscious closet that considers who and where my clothes were made and not feed into the fast fashion industry. 

This means I’m shopping at ethical and sustainably minded stores, second hand shopping, and being mindful of the draw of over-consumerism when it comes to clothes.  More is not always more, sometimes it’s just too much. 

How do you start a uniform? What are the directions / information?

More than likely, you’re already only wearing a small portion of the clothes that are in your closet. Look at the pieces you grab over and over —  what is it about them that you love? You must love how they fit, how the piece makes you feel and how versatile it is to wear so often. Those are the marks of a good, foundational uniform piece. 

Not everyone’s uniforms are utilitarian - some uniforms go in cycles where you wear them for a while and rotate them out with another grouping or style of outfits. It’s all personal. 

Start by thinking about pieces that you need in your everyday life and go from there. Pieces that will take you from work to play to dates and beyond — then build. Fill in the gaps. 

Make a list of the pieces you wear and love and then the gaps in your wardrobe. Start a detailed, pared down wishlist and stick to it (post on creating your wishlist coming next!) Make sure each piece fits a need and has its place in your uniform and then start the process of researching and seeking it out. It takes time to find the right fits and pieces so don’t be discouraged — you’re buying pieces that you want to have for years. Consider where you’re at now and where you’re going to be and purchase pieces that can take you from one to the next. 

Most importantly, don’t buy something for the sake of buying it. You may need a new pair of jeans (or whatever the gap in your closet might be)— so saddle up and SEARCH for it. Try on multiple different fits, brands, cuts, colors and find the one that works for you. A foundational concept in your uniform is that things fit well. Tailoring makes a big difference in how you feel in an item. So don't settle. 

If you’re at a loss at where to start — a great exercise to begin uniform dressing and find yours is abiding by a capsule wardrobe. I love Vetta Capsule for making it incredibly easy to navigate with their 5 piece collections and endless outfit inspiration. 


Lastly, where to shop for your uniform?

This is entirely up to you! It depends on your style, needs and what you value in your clothes. I love Vetta Capsule, Jenni Kayne, Mate the Label, Everlane, and vintage/second hand shops for inspiration and for finding the pieces that make up my uniform / closet. 

Up next in the ‘Finding my Uniform’ series — Creating Your Wishlist: A How To On Uniform Shopping.


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