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The concept of a uniform has been a part of my life since I can remember. I went to a private school growing up where we wore a uniform and I grew up modeling where you have to have a “go-bag” that has the staple baseline pieces for any and every job (in my 5 year old go-bag: white sneakers, black flats, solid leggings, solid blue jeans, a white button up. All things I would still consider part of my uniform to this day.) A uniform was as much a part of my daily life then as it is now.

While most kids hate(d) a uniform, I loved it. I love the routine of it. I love not having to worry and struggle to build a new outfit every day that was fit for the day. I felt put together and confident. Then, my uniform was chosen for me — now my uniform consists of pieces that I know are going to be flattering, comfortable, and make me feel confident, all while being able to mix and match with each other with ease.

So what is a uniform? 

To me, a uniform is all about making life easier and more refined. A uniform (or uniform dressing) takes the guess work out because you’re following your personal formula. It gives your style a thread of consistency and ties each piece in your closet together. It’s not wearing the same thing every single day, rather wearing pieces that are a part of a collection that represent you and how you want your clothes to feel/fit.

As I’m getting older I put more value on my time -  I don’t want to waste time throwing a million outfit options on to the floor in the ever present struggle of what to wear. When I was younger, post school-uniform, I had a closet bursting at the seams with endless options while I still settled on something to wear from the 15% of my closet that was on constant rotation.

That 15% is what most likely makes up your uniform.

Since then, I’ve learned to cut spending on things I won’t wear more than once or twice and invest in the pieces that I’ll wear every day. There’s still a learning curve and a need for grace in the transition — the draw to a quick purchase is still there, the temptation of a cute, cheap, dare I say convenient, item still arises. But the day to day ease I have with uniform dressing means I’m not going to stare at my closet and stress that I have nothing to wear — and that ease is more appealing than the quick thrill from a new piece that doesn’t have a place in my closet.

Food for thought: too many options actually makes it more difficult to get dressed and decide what to wear. You’ll end up sifting through ill-fitting pieces that are still taking up real-estate in your closet, pieces you don’t love, and items you’d never actually wear in your current lifestyle. 

A uniform is about having a great foundation of pieces that you’ll always reach for. It’s important to know your body and to wear items that make you feel confident —  these are the pieces you’ll find yourself reaching for time and time again. These are foundational.
When I think about pieces to buy that act as my foundation, I try to think about how many times I’ll be able to wear that item. How versatile is it? Will it go with the pieces already in my closet? Why do I want it? Will I want to wear it until it’s falling apart, or will I get sick of it after two months? And is it good quality?

These questions help filter out purchases you’ll later regret. Instead — save for the pieces that you answer yes too all of the above questions and purchase a quality version of it that will last.

When I look at my closet now, I notice that my taste has gotten more simple over the years and a lot more neutral. While I’ve always gravitated toward neutral / classic pieces, it’s a baseline qualification for things I bring into my closet now. Not to say I don’t wear any color (though it is rare), but you sort of decide what ‘colors’ are a part of your neutrals. I like navy and consider it a neutral in my closet.

I can see the sartorial maturity that a uniform has given me. Less is speaking more for me. I believe in quality over quantity. I see higher quality fabrics that are made to last and pieces that makeup a collection and work together rather than independently.  I find myself researching even more when I add something to my wishlist and I feel myself resisting the urgency to purchase, taking my time to make more thoughtful decisions than I did before.
And then there are moments when I reach into my closet and pull out a piece that I have owned for years and I can see the thread of consistency going back through the years and know that it will only continue.

Go to uniform outfit: This outfit makes me feel like myself every time.

vintage Levi’s, a silk top (+ a sweater depending on season),  black flat mules, and gold hoops.

Uniform essentials:

 Everlane Cheeky in White, My tried and true vintage Levi's 501s.

Denim (blue, black, white):
I’m a jeans girl. I reach for them as the base of most of my outfits. Have a solid pair in each color that fit you perfectly and they’ll never let you down. (I'm still on the hunt for my dream pair of black denim)

Black silk button up:
Throw this on with the jeans mentioned above, with a pair of shorts, trousers, tucked into a skirt. I always feel pulled together in a simple tailored silk button up.

Mate the Label Tee, Thrifted Charcoal 100% Cashmere Sweater, Mejuri Gold Hoops 

Pull over sweater:
In a neutral like grey, black or beige —  you can throw this on with anything.

Solid tee:
Once you find a good fit for a tee, buy 12. (I’m still on the hunt for the perfect white tee - pictured above wearing a white tee by Reformation. It's been my favorite so far.)

Classic white cotton button up:
This is filled under one of those lessons I learned from my mom. A classic white button up is a classic for a reason and you can wear one to any occasion.

Staple dress:
Black. Dress it up or down.

Black blazer/jacket:
Need to tie an outfit together? Need to dress up a tee? Need to add shape or structure to anything? done.

Black flats/mules/loafers:
Wear. These. With. Everything.

(extra pieces that are on heavy rotation in my uniform: a slip dress, denim button up, patterned dress that I can wear to anything from date night to every friend’s wedding, superga sneakers, quality thick pair of leggings)

What’s your uniform?



  1. Aww I love how minimal your style is :)

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