Sunday, January 21, 2018

The Midas Touch: On Classic Gold Jewelry for Every day

 I’ve always been a fan of gold. It’s what I grew up seeing. It’s what I’ve always gravitated toward. My mother’s wedding rings (and now I have a gold wedding ring of my own!), her every day watch and hoops were all gold.  The first pieces of jewelry my parents bought me as a child were gold — an engraved bangle and tiny hoops. 
Little did I know, that was my first taste of classic pieces that could be worn as ‘every day jewelry’. 

And I loved them. As I grew up, I recognized the value in having staple pieces that you could wear every day. They grow in sentiment and they are naturally the most practical and universal pieces. 

Accessories in general are pieces that can either be considered ‘the cherry on top’ of an outfit, or part of the outfit’s foundation; The thing that makes your style, your style. 

  I like to think the pieces of jewelry I wear are foundational. My wedding ring never leaves my finger and you’ll rarely catch me without a pair of hoops and my every day necklace — which switches between a Y necklace my mother bought me and a pendant necklace from Mejuri.  

Most of what I recall my mother’s style being during my childhood can be summed up in a few pieces.  White tennis shoes, 
white button up shirts, good jeans, a pair of olive green overalls, oversized blazers, her gold hoops and her gold watch.  My style inspiration! 

 I never really wore a watch until my later teen years. But I always knew one day I wanted to be just like her, wearing a small gold watch on my wrist every day. My parents bought me a beautiful gold watch for my 21st birthday — a piece I will wear and treasure forever. I wear that one, the Classic Petit in Melrose by Daniel Wellington and vintage Coach watch that I borrowed (and never returned) from my dad. (pictured from left to right)

My go-to place to source my every day jewelry is Mejuri. Mejuri curates a collection of  pieces for every day wear. Their goal is to provide "a daily dose of luxury" and I couldn't love and agree with that more.  They cut out the middle man and offer quality jewelry at a fraction of the cost. They are also another one of my favorite ethical brands, as they use sustainably, and ethicaly sourced gems and diamonds. They design with timelessness in mind so that each piece will never go out of style. 


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