Monday, December 11, 2017

Under the radar brands (with Whimsy and Row)

Whimsy and Row Flora Pants

I love shopping, I can’t help it.  I have always loved shopping. When I was younger and most kids were complaining about going back to school, I was making my school supplies shopping list and begging my parents to take me months in advance. I loved shopping for anything, not just clothes. 

Something I love even more is supporting smaller, local, sustainable brands in place of shopping at large fast fashion meccas (like Forever 21 and the likes).  Buying quality over quantity is something I’ve learned since my younger years and my closet, home and wallet thank me.  Instead of grabbing every one of the latest trends at these large stores that will most likely fall apart, spend your money on quality pieces. Plus, you’re buying items that lean more toward one-of-a-kind because they’re made in smaller batches and that’s always preferred and feels more special.

 Introducing trends in moderation can be fun and adding a few of the “newest thing” is a great way to freshen up your closet and your home — you can even shop smart(er) for trends — in the end, just think about the big picture and what your style represents day-in and day-out.  Dress and decorate from the heart, not fear of missing out on the “new arrivals” section of every store. This also applies to home goods — trends come and go, but spend on the classics and if you do fall in love with a trend, make it something easily interchangeable for when it falls apart - i.e. throw pillows, blankets. 

Whimsy and Row Flora Pant in Black

The classic silhouette that has recently resurfaced as a trend (my favorite kind of ‘trend’, something classic that has had a resurgence of popularity!) is the high-waisted, wide leg pant. I’m pictured wearing the Whimsy and Row Flora pant in Black.  These pants are made sustainably in Los Angeles and are made of recycled fabric  This company as a whole is doing so many things to contribute to their being an eco-friendly company - but one of my favorite ways they do this is by using deadstock, less waste fabrics. Deadstock fabrics are excess fabrics from other brands that would eventually end up in a landfill. Instead, they are repurposing that into small batch collections of clothes you will love! I love these black pants as an alternative to jeans - they can easily be dressed up or down and are so comfortable. I also love that they can transition into all seasons!

A few other 'under the radar' brands I am loving as of late:

Of course, Whimsy and Row, which is featured in this post. All sustainably made in downtown LA - an eco-friendly brand that focuses on reducing their footprint in any way that they can, while still producing the cutest feminine and minimal pieces for every season. I’ve been talking about shopping small and locally and their seasonal collections are a favorite of mine!

 mo:Vint - I love them for modernizing vintage design and creating a collection of classic pieces that won’t go out of style. 

 Everlane - Though not necessarily under the radar, I still wanted to give them a nod. Their quality and price transparency make them one of my all time favorite brands (if not my #1 fav!), while also offering every piece your closet could ever need (they even started selling denim!).


01. Whimsy and Row silk shirt
02. Whimsy and Row Flora Pant
03. Whimsy and Row skirt 
04. Whimsy and Row wrap dress (perfect for Christmas parties!)

01. mo:Vint slip dress
02. mo:Vint side button sweater
03. mo:Vint sweater coat
04. mo:Vint cable knit
05. mo:Vint color block

01. Everlane cable knit 
02. Everlane pj inspired silk shirt (LOVE this)
03. Everlane lux cashmere sweatsuit (talk about traveling in style)
04. Everlane cashmere
05. Everlane denim (high on my wishist!)
06. Everlane day heel

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