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valentine's day favorites

Valentine’s Day is a sweet, special day to go a little out of your way for that special someone. Carman and I’s anniversary is only two weeks before Valentine’s Day, so we go back and forth between ‘going all out’ for our anniversary or VDAY (as we repeat ‘less is more’ to ourselves). 

For Valentine’s we might exchange something slightly more practical than our anniversary. Practical doesn’t always have to be boring. Practical can be something you want and need, but wouldn’t buy for yourself. 

Or we might spoil each other with something that we could cherish for years to come.
It varies. 

This year we are doing something we’ve never done before on Valentine’s Day. We are doing a small-batch, locally delivered, valentine’s day floral pop-up! I have always dreamed of being a florist one day and owning a little flower shop — on February 14th, 2018, we’re making that dream come true on a smaller scale!  (If you, or anyone you know lives in the Los Angeles area and needs something a little more exciting than grocery store roses — head to my Instagram story highlights to get more info on how to order!)

Let me just take a second to swoon over the fact that my husband is willing to drive around Los Angeles delivering flowers with me all day. Not only is he willing, but he encouraged me to take this step outside of my comfort zone, stop talking about it and just do it! I’m the luckiest. He’s the best. I’m smitten. 

So while we will be out helping other people celebrate VDAY with their special someone on the actual day, Carman and I will probably celebrate a day early (or later).

Here are a few his + her ideas to show that special someone you love them today, and every day! (Or a few more ideas to 


- A soothing candle from The Now. This candle is by far the most relaxing scent, and the coconut oil base doubles as a massage rub! (And if you’d rather a professional, get the best massage of your life from The Now)

 - The Now is also showing off some very special VDAY only jewelry options designed by their Co-Founder.


- For my husband in particular, anything relating to coffee is always a solid choice for a gift. This year he has been talking about wanting a coffee scale (because I bought him this book for Christmas). Somehow he has every other coffee gadget other than a coffee scale — so, coffee scale it is! Practical, and still exciting. I also like to grab a new local roast for him to try out and it rounds out the coffee themed gift. 

- We love to read. We always have a stack of books on our bedside tables and continue to set resolutions to read more every year. Giving someone a great book is always a thoughtful gift idea. It takes really knowing someone to suggest a book, or time put in to considering something they would really enjoy. We typically keep Amazon wishlists of books we want — this year I got Carman, Strength to Love by Martin Luther King Jr. (Plus, there’s nothing more attractive than a man who reads.)

- A classic watch: Another staple gift of the man in your life, a timeless watch he’ll wear for years to come. Go for one with a leather strap that will wear well and patina over time.  


- The ‘obvious choice’: jewelry. Yes, yes, of course jewelry. Women have been receiving jewelry for years and years on Valentine’s day. And trust me, none of us are complaining.  But you don’t have to break your bank to get your girl something with a little sparkle. Mejrui has fair pricing, ethically sourced stones, and you’ll feel good knowing where your pieces are being made and that they are being responsibly produced. 
My current favorite piece is the Editor Hoop  + Raw Stacker ring .  (If I am being honest, I haven't worn another pair of earrings since I got these beauties. They're that good.)
 But truthfully, any and everything made by Mejuri is always on my wishlist. 

- Something handmade! : If you're artistic, handy with woodworking, a photographer, or have any 'special skill', now is the time to use it! Even if you don’t, going out of your way to try, partnering with a friend who has that skill, or picking out something handmade and one of a kind will result in something so special and just for her!

A few handmade ideas: set of hand carved wooden spoons or a wooden bench for the foot of the bed.  A beautifully framed photo you took. A new piece of art to display in the house. The options are limitless!


Sometimes Carman and I go for the ‘couple gift’ - which is usually something we both want for our home!

- NEW LINENS. I can’t stress enough how much fresh linens can be a game changer.  Go for organic cotton. They get better with every wash and you’re taking care of your biggest organ (skin!) by being mindful of what you put near it! We love Coyuchi's selections of linens!)

- Plants. Carman would argue that these are just for me, but I know he enjoys having a home filled with plants. They provide better oxygen, better sleep, they help filter out toxins and create a space inspired by nature. And? They make you happy. Plain and simple.
(Keep your eyes peeled for an entire post on plants soon!)

- A new piece of furniture you’ve been holding out for: Sometimes all you need is a reason to pull the trigger on that new coffee table you have been saving up for. Valentine’s day (or an anniversary) is a great excuse to choose to spend on something you’ll have for a long time in lieu celebrating.


For the LA Locals:
01. All at local 'The Now" locations 

For Him:

For Her:
03. Hand Carved Wooden Spoons  + A book to help get you in the mood!

For The Couple:
02. Cotton Quilt from Coyuchi  (shown in Natural)
03. Linen Sheets from Coyuchi (shown in Natural)
04. Plant + Planter

But most importantly, loving someone is more than giving them gifts. To love, is to be vulnerable.
 Go out and love your people well!

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