Friday, August 11, 2017


our living room 

our entry way

hand-drawn art by me

I have always loved decorating and found the need for my room/home to reflect my personality. My space has always been an oasis to me - the place where I want to spend most of my time with the people that I love. Carman and I are both tried and true homebodies, so our space is important to us. 

The first time I felt like I was “growing up” I told my parents I needed to redecorate my room. We had just welcomed my baby brother into the world and being a big sister made me feel all kinds of grown up and my room needed to reflect that. I was very into the colors and culture of both India and Morocco at the time (aren’t all 10 year olds?) so my mom and I did a lot of research, found some local markets in our town and searched high and low online to source fabric, rugs, decor and we went to work. 

My next room make-over was at the start of my ‘minimalist phase’ (which has stayed with me ever since). We streamlined, repainted the beautiful colored walls with a neutral grey/beige, I fell in love with a white four poster bed, and everything else followed in suit (white, white, white, with a few pops of color). 

After that make over, we moved to California! In the throws of being a teenager and fully into a boho phase, my room manifested a slightly less minimal and more boho demeanor. I painted the walls a burnt orange (that I got sick of VERY quickly to my dismay) and kept the four poster bed covered in an array of pillows. 

My room was ever-changing after that. I was slowly coming into my own interior style; I was experimenting with patterns, colors, neutrals and sourcing my own decor from thrift stores. We also moved every other year. That gave me a chance to make over my room during seasons of new inspiration (also, thank you mom + dad for giving me the creative freedom to do so). By the last house I lived in with my parents, I knew what I liked and didn’t like because I had tried it all. My interior style landed at: a lot of white, modern, minimal and with a love of plants + wood details in full swing. 

I moved out a year and a half later and got the chance to decorate my entire apartment by myself and I LOVED IT. Two years later, Carman and I got married and we got to find our combined interior style that now makes up our apartment! We had similar styles but came together to make it neutral, crisp, and settled on an organic modern style - thanks to all of the natural texture, use of plants, and modern neutral color scheme. 

As much as I love our apartment (minus the lack of air conditioning), we are now dreaming about owning our own house one day and can’t wait to take on home renovations!

entry way details 

entry way details 

living room details 

*hope you enjoyed the peek of our new apartment 



  1. love yuor blog and your site and you

  2. You have grown up into such a remarkable and very lovey lady. I remember meeting you, I believe at your birthday party. We gave you a diary resembling a Brown paper bag. Your creations are beautiful. God, bless Diane A.


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