Friday, August 4, 2017

On blogging

I’ve been throwing around the idea of a blog for the last few years. It was always daunting and the growing list of ‘what ifs’ kept me from going for it. I decided to stop doubting my creative process and get this blog going. 

I wanted to start a blog because I felt like I had more to say than I could on my Instagram. I’ve always used Instagram as an outlet for creative visuals, but I like my captions short and sweet. I needed something a little more for all the thoughts swirling around in my brain. So, here we are. My thoughts - From the Heart and the Home. 

Blogging is still intimidating, but I’m removing the pressure to be perfect, and I’m going with it. 

I like setting goals, but I don’t beat myself up if I can’t stick to them based on life getting in the way (as it usually has a way of doing so). I’m aiming to post at the least, once a week!

If you click on each category right now (or scroll below), they will have a brief little note explaining what I’ll write in the respective category.

You can also browse the ’shop’ section — where you will be linked to my Etsy store, or my Glossier rep page.

I hope this blog inspires and encourages you in some way! Or I hope you like following along my journey toward a well-edited wardrobe and home, reading about my thoughts on style, new products, shops, and where life takes Carman and I in these next seasons- because I’m going to write about all that too. Duh. 



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