Monday, August 21, 2017

beauty lessons from mom

Sophia Coppola's beauty cabinet / line drawing by Frédéric Forest

I’m very thankful and proud to say that my mom is one of my best friends. She is the most incredible woman I know. I could write an entire book on all the wonderful things she has done for everyone that comes into contact with her, and how great she is. An Ode To Shelli.  (Also, hi mom)

Today I am writing about the beauty lessons that I learned from her. 

My maternal grandmother - Mimi,  was such a beautiful and glamorous woman.  She could have been a movie star. When I was growing up, she worked for Elizabeth Arden. She always smelled of Red Door perfume, swore by the gold capsules and never left the house without lipstick on. She was always ‘done up to the nines’ - it’s one of the things you had to love about her, because she didn’t need a lick of makeup, but you wouldn’t catch her without it. 

My mother is every bit as beautiful. Ask my little brother, she’s the mom his friends talk about. But not only is she beautiful on the outside, she’s the most loving and that makes her all the more lovely. Her motto has always been ‘Less Is More’.  This goes for life, and beauty. While my Mimi loved glitz and glamour, my mom leaned toward natural and glowy and that is what has always inspired my version of glamour and my natural beauty routine. 

Here are a few of the beauty lessons I learned from my mom:

“Always wear sun screen” - a lesson she learned after spending too many years in the sun. 

“Eyelashes, Eyelashes, Eyelashes” - my mom is queen of the ‘double curl’. Curl your lashes for a few seconds before you sweep on mascara, and a light (emphasis on the light to protect your lashes) curl after mascara to perk them up even more. 

“Keep some color on your lips” - clearly a lesson that will get passed on for generations to come. I never understood the necessity of a little lip color until recently. Now that I’m in on the secret, I’m never looking back. It doesn’t have to be ‘Mimi red’, but a little blotted stain or sweep of a light color goes a long way in waking your face up and tying it all together. 

“Natural is best” - this goes for any and all things beauty. Makeup, hair, etc. Don’t force anything. Learn to love your hair, eyebrows and all of the above. Learn how to work with it, not against it.

“A good bath can cure anything” - My mom can tackle anything life throws at her. It’s a trait I admire - she can handle anything. But after she’s through being super woman, she takes a long, hot, bubble bath. That’s her secret. That’s her answer to a lot of questions too - “Take a deep breath, think about it, and then take a bath” 

Listen to your mom, she knows best.    



  1. I am honored by your comments and to be the inspiration for this blog but mostly, I'm very blessed to be your mom! xoxoxo

  2. Both of y'all are beautiful inside and out!


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