Saturday, December 8, 2018

The nursery plan: inspiration

Naturally, I was excited to design the nursery and you guys have been curious and asking about it as well, so I thought I’d share! 

We’ve slowly gotten rid of miscellaneous furniture that has always been in our guest room (a daybed, a few dressers, etc) and have been making room for new things like a crib and changing table. Since we are also preparing to move, our current guest room is a war zone filled with boxes and a large assortment of pillows that used to reside on top of the day bed (this room is now my nightmare). 

While we don’t have our exact new home/apartment picked out yet, we do know that we are looking for something with a room that gets good natural light and that will ideally have enough room for a crib, changing table, and rocking chair. 

photos via pinterest 

In this in between phase of packing / preparing for a move / NESTING and dying to start on the nursery, I’ve got loads of inspiration pictures and ideas swirling around about what the nursery will be. 

We want the nursery to be an extension of our home — words like: neutral, natural, airy and non-toxic are top of mind when I think about what I want for the nursery. We’re focusing on the colors and textures that make us happy and relax us, hoping they’ll do the same for the little one. We want to create an environment that is inspired by nature — filled with light and plants. A space that is uncluttered, full of organic fabrics and natural colors that will incorporate all of the above feelings, resulting in calm and thoughtful surroundings. 

I also know that color and contrast are good (read: important) for the baby’s development, so we’re bringing that in through toys, books, and interesting things for the baby to look at like art and a mobile. We want a lot of natural, timeless textures like wood for the crib and woven baskets to corral all the toys and books with a neutral base like white on the walls. 

I’m finding it important that I/we enjoy the space we create because I know that there will be a lot of time spent in that area in the early days. 

Above are a few of my inspiration pictures! I tried to steer myself toward photos that included things we already own or already planned to get for the nursery so that they felt tangible. Here are the pieces we’ve got planned for the nursery so far! 

01. Rocking chair - I'm having a hard time justifying the prices of so many of the rockers that are on the market. It seems like a lot to spend on something I don't know for sure will get a lot of use. BUT most of the advice I've gotten from other moms is to invest in a comfortable rocker because you do spend a lot of time in it and end up dozing off. We also like this one, and this one (but I hear you want armrests for things like feeding and overall comfort, so this one might not be the best option practically - but I like the way it looks!)

02. Pouf - We already own this leather pouf from Urban Outfitters and I think it'll find its new permanent home inside baby's nursery. 

03. Mobile - We love this to put over the crib! 

04. Crib - After searching every single crib option, we fell in love with this set by Simply Nursery. It's on the slightly pricier side, but these pieces are meant to grow with our baby and we like the idea of investing now and not having to replace pieces down the road. We also like this cheaper, classic option. 

05. Rug - We bought a vintage Persian rug similar to this one shortly after getting married and it's always been in our guest room. I plan to put it in the nursery to add some color and texture. 

06. Basket - We already own quite a few baskets like this and I know they'll come in handy to store toys, books, etc. The more baskets the merrier to me! 

07. Dresser - This is the matching dresser to the above crib. I love that nothing about it looks like a nursery / changing table, so we'll be able to use it for long after its days as a changing table. 

08. Light - I've always thought this light would look cute in a nursery and I'm so excited to finally put it in ours. 

Once the move + settling in happens, I’ll post some sneak peaks and a reveal of the finished nursery! 



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