Thursday, November 29, 2018


While our little one isn’t quite on the outside yet, we can’t help but want to celebrate with them and window shop at all the cute toys and clothes we know they’ll be wearing and playing with just around the corner. A lot of these items are on our baby registry as well! 

On top of cute baby items - there’s a lot that new parents need too! Some things to help you stay sane, keep up some of your normal rhythms and to help adjust to the new bundle of joy. 

Here’s a quick gift guide for new parents AND the coolest baby stuff around. 

01. Wooden toys - we are big on natural materials so naturally we are looking at a lot of wooden toys for our little! This cutie little toy is perfect for small fingers. 

02. Gathre mat - this one is for the parents and the little! pull this leather mat out for play time, picnics, anytime you’re all on the floor together. 

03. Wood blocks - this classic option never goes out of style and I bet Dad will start playing with them before baby does.

04. Balance Board - this beautiful wood board develops balance and imagination. Plus, it will look nice sitting out and is the perfect toy to keep your little one active. 

05. Book - bring the museum home! looks beautiful on a book shelf and starts getting your little into nature early! 

06. Onesie - there are SO many cute baby clothes out there. a piece we keep coming back to is a classic sweatshirt made into a onesie. too cute. 

07. Bath caddy - I love a good bath more than a lot of things and I don’t see that changing any time soon. for the new momma’s out there, help add a little hands free ease with this bath caddy which can hold drinks, books, and the baby monitor while you soak. 

08. Soda cups - for dad (or mom!) fill these up with whatever you need - soda, water, beer, you name it. 

09. Humidifier - this one is for the whole family. humidifiers help you breathe, sleep, and overall feel better by adding humidity back into the air (especially with air conditioning or heaters blasting!). plus it will help that new little nose of your baby to stay clear so they can breathe easier! 

10. Parenting Book - an all in one book for parents to be on birth and early parenting. with so much information out there, picking one or two books to read helps it feel more manageable and less overwhelming. 

11. Dada book - get your honey excited about his new title as ‘Dada’ with this adorable book by Jimmy Fallon. 

12. Stylish Rocking Chair - one of the first pieces of advice we kept getting was to invest in a rocking chair that we LOVED. something we would be fine with having in the living room, nursery, or just in the middle of the house. It had to be comfortable and aesthetically pleasing (per my request) - because it will be something we spend a lot of time in. We also really like this one, and this one. 

Bonus! Pamper the new momma in your life with the best all natural skincare - some of my favorites are:

01. Valentia Skincare - created by a momma! Their rosehip and magnesium oil are my favorite (and they just came out with a new dry brush set that would be the perfect stocking stuffer!)

02. Osea Malibu - all natural ingredients that work! I use their eyes + lips cream religiously and the blemish balm to keep my skin clear!

03. Caudalie - grapes are for your glass and your face! Caudalie has harnessed the power of grapes for your skincare and not a day goes by that I don't spray on their beauty elixir.

04. Vitruvi - they just launched their Dynamic Skincare line where you can personalize your face oil based on what your skin needs at the time - I have been loving my personal formula of: Jojoba, Sea Buckthorn and Blueberry oils. ** use 'vitruviXsavannah' for 20% off any Vitruvi purchase! **

Happy shopping! 

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