Monday, November 5, 2018

FINDING MY UNIFORM PT. III: Creating Your Wishlist: A How To On Uniform Shopping

Whether broad or specific, keeping a checklist of things your uniform/closet is missing (or that needs replacing_ is a crucial part in maintaining an edited wardrobe. Your wishlist should include pieces you know you need within your wardrobe and depending on how strict your uniform is, it can include a few one-off pieces you’d like to incorporate.

While considering your wishlist and your uniform — you should make sure everything you’re looking to buy is in line with your closet’s color palette. Creating and sticking to a color palette is another large factor in creating and maintaining a unified closet for uniform dressing.

Often times shopping leads to buying clothing on a whim: something catches your eye for the moment, an item is on sale, something is a trend you see everywhere etc. This seemingly harmless act is the enemy to your wallet, your edited closet, and is what's keeping you from a distinct uniform. Beyond that, it further leads to the mindset that more is better and is paying into a culture that is harmful to people and our environment.

Sometimes when I'm shopping, a pop of color or print will catch my eye in the moment - I've learned very quickly (and through making this mistake once or twice) that more often than not, buying something that's far from your normal go-to pieces will result in a piece that hardly gets worn. Instead, look for prints in colors that fit into your pallet, or choose a pop of color you know that you'll reach for rather than 'trying something new' (for me these colors are navy, olive green, and very occasionally red).

Creating the wishlist:

Think of your closet and uniform as a collection. It’s a unit that works together as a whole. Like a body. Adding random pieces to your wishlist that you may like individually, leads to owning things that don’t go together.

Take a moment to visualize what your dream wardrobe and closet would look like. What are the reoccurring themes? By taking the time to picture what your dream wardrobe looks like, you are visualizing a collection that you’ll love. Use that as a map and work backwards — what pieces do you already have and then create a wishlist of the items that you don’t have yet. This list will become your point of reference when shopping to make sure you stick to the things you need and want the most.

Prioritize from there. How much will you wear it? How many outfits can you make with it? Does it fill a gap in your closet? This becomes your order of operations (or order of purchase priority). Look at whats in your closet and compare that with what you need.

Work with your budget. Now that you’ve got a prioritized list to help dictate what you’re looking for first — consider your budget. You could buy 5 things that are on sale that you don’t really need, or you could save up and buy a quality version of one of the pieces on your list that you’ll wear forever.

Use your list to help you shop smarter. It will hold you accountable and help you discern what you really, truly need. And take. your. time. Seek out the right piece - your curated closet wont be made in a day (or one shopping trip) and it shouldn't be.

Whats on my wishlist:

01. a quality, standup pair of black leather flats. (also these, or these)

02. a sturdy pair of leggings or stirrup pants (thick enough to be worn as pants with long sweaters) 

03. straight leg black denim (potentially vintage Levis’ if I can source them)

04. a universal dress for weddings, parties, dates. Not another LBD. 

While a few of these items on my list will have to wait a while until after my pregnancy (see more details on this here!) - they are still classic items that I know will make great additions to my wardrobe and that I will use for years to come. Post on maternity style + my wishlist coming soon! 


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