Friday, June 15, 2018


So excited to introduce this short and sweet series - FRIDAY FAVORITES - where I can document some of our favorite things home/beauty/style related. Most of the items listed within this series will be things we love and use on a daily basis, with the occasional wishlist item that we are either looking for or hoping to add to our life. 

Enjoy x 

+ baskets : In every corner in every room. I love baskets for storing all the small items that collect around our house like: blankets, workout equipment, carmans music gear, etc. I can never have too many. They're sprinkled all throughout the house - they add texture and an easy pick up method before guests come over. One day they'll be hiding toys!
Favorite sources: Jenni Kayne, Amazon (straight from Africa!), The Citizenry, our local farmer's market, and when you're lucky Marshalls and Homegoods have some good ones!

+ vintage rugs / textiles : Keeping in theme with buying things that only get better with age, see, vintage textiles. Kilim pillow, persian rugs, mud cloth, etc. These are the pieces that keep on giving. Like your favorite worn in Levis - these only get softer and better looking the more they wear in.
Favorite sources: Henslin and Home, Etsy, Ebay, Pasadena Rosebowl Flea Market

+ lux sheets and bedding : No new news here - I love fresh luxurious sheets and a temperate comforter for these balmy summer nights. Our summer linens of choice are Coyuchi linen sheets and the ever fluffy Buffy comforter made with eucalyptus fibers. (We love that Buffy is an eco friendly, down alternative!)
Favorite sources: We love Coyuchi and Parachute for sheets and just got a Buffy comforter to keep us cool 

+ EO diffuser(s) : I love things that are pretty and functional and this essential oil diffuser by Vitruvi ticks all those boxes and more. I can’t stop moving it around the house for the smell and because it literally looks beautiful wherever you put it. (get 20% off when you use ‘vitruviXsavannah’)
Our secondary diffuser lives in out master bedroom and is the Zoe by Pilgrim Collective. It kills two birds with one stone - it also acts as our nightlight. Beauty and function x2.
Favorite sources: Vitruvi and Pilgrim Collective

+ Sonos : Music is a big deal in our house, so having easy access to control music throughout our space is huge for us! A splurge, but a long term investment that we can build on as our space grows. These attractive speakers sound as good as they look.
Favorite sources: We own Sonos and love them! Another honorable mention for attractive speakers: Vifa

+ art : As a ‘proper grown up’ I am now sourcing art for our home. There are a few pieces in our home I’ve made that we plan to keep, but as artists in our own right respectively, we want to support artists locally and abroad. We’re looking for pieces that will grow with us and be a part of our home forever.
Favorite sources: Tappan Collective, Minted, Etsy, Instagram, artist friends and the classics Ellsworth Kelly, Matisse, Picasso, Cy Twombly

Happy Friday!

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