Sunday, May 20, 2018


I’ve never liked artificial smells. I’ve always gravitated toward something more real compared to something like “cotton candy confetti” - even in my pre-teen days I gravitated toward a more mature (albeit still sweet) scent like vanilla bean. Something that is naturally occurring. Something more tangible and less abstract. 

I also grew up with extremely sensitive skin. This meant cutting out a lot of products with fragrances and artificial scents and lead me to things with essential oils. 

This reigns even more true now. 

Since moving out and then even more so after getting married, using naturally derived products has been important to me. Knowing what I’m putting on, in and around my body makes a difference. 

Carman and I are very intentional about the things we use and bring into our home. We understand that our skin is our biggest organ and make decisions in light of that — we place importance on natural ingredients and materials in our home and essential oils are a big part of that. 

Part of our daily routine is adding a few drops of a couple different oils to our diffuser to help set the tone of our day at any given time. Something bright and refreshing for a summer morning, our classic lavender/peppermint/eucalyptus blend for any occasion, a sleep blend to help us wind down at the end of the day and so on. Our diffuser never gets put away because we’re using it so often, so a diffuser that could act as a piece of functional art was important. Enter: Vitruvi. The white stone diffuser blends and stands out all at the same time - the sleek shape and high quality materials keep in line with our “less is more” “quality over quantity” ethos and is the perfect addition to our home. We like to be thoughtful when we are adding things to our home, not bringing in a lot of excess and not adding something that doesn’t blend well with our style and this diffuser is anything but. I have to keep myself from moving it to every room in the house because it looks so beautiful everywhere it is (as you can see from the photos, it bounces around our living room often!)

Vitruvi has infused design and a love of botanicals so well - essential oils are no longer the mysterious potions that only your crunchiest hippie friend used - Vitruvi has made premium essential oil products that look as beautiful as they smell and make you feel. I love that their price point is affordable so that you’re never too cautious or precious about treating and taking care of yourself with quality ingredients. 


lavender : a favorite for so many reasons. it’s relaxing, its antibacterial, etc etc etc 
a few favorite uses include ~ diffusing alone for relaxing (or with peppermint and eucalyptus all day every day), adding a few drops into my mascara tube to make it last longer and help lengthen + strengthen my lashes, and using a few drops on a cotton round to clean of my phone screen (to keep that oil and grime off my face!)

peppermint : another favorite of mine to mix with lavender as mentioned above and to use to help ward off headaches! I also love to add a few drops to a scrunchie that I wear around my wrists when I fly to help freshen up the air and fight off any inflight nausea. 

eucalyptus : bring the spa home with you and use eucalyptus every day. This oil finds its way in every one of my diffuser blends because it’s so fresh. I love to add a few drops in my shower, or mixed with peppermint and coconut oil when we’re feeling under the weather as a natural vapor rub to help us breath a little easier. 

lemon : the easy, do everything oil. I love it as a refreshing scent in my diffuser mixed with lavender and eucalyptus and also use it all over the house to clean! It cuts grease like no other, or mixed with a little non-scented Castile soap in a glass spray bottle acts as an all purpose cleaner.

frankincense : the wonder oil. use it for beauty and relaxation alike. it helps relax, boost your immune system, strengthen and helps skin, it also can help with hormonal issues. its anti-inflammatory. it can pretty much heal or help any ailment you find yourself with. 

ylang ylang, grapefruit, (+frankincense and lavender) : beauty oils! ylang ylang is a very floral eo that I love in a bath or mixed with the other beauty oils for a DIY glow face oil. Grapefruit brightens, lavender is antibacterial plus ylang ylang and frankincense for glow and anti-aging - all with a base carrier oil like jojoba or avocado! 

tea tree : my favorite spot treatment for an unwanted zit friend!

rosemary : the hair oil! I add a few drops to my shampoo and conditioner and make a special rollerball mix for my eyebrows! rosemary helps stimulate the hair follicle so I make a blend of caster and almond oil as the carrier oil and add a lot of rosemary, shake it up, and apply to eyebrows every night. 

+ we’ve also fallen in love with Vitruvi’s special Dusk blend and use it as our wind down blend every night! 

Vitruvi was kind enough to offer my followers 20% off on all of their products when you use the code 'vitruviXsavannah' ! Let me know if you purchase any and if you use any of my tips mentioned above! I'd love to hear how you use them in your daily routines! 
You can shop vitruvi here.


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