Thursday, September 21, 2017

packing for a not so 'quick trip'

trip to the Salt Lake + Antelope Island

I have my classics that I take on any vacation.  These are the pieces you love so much, you pray your bag doesn’t get lost for fear of losing them. The perfectly worn in denim, vintage finds and pieces you stole from your parent’s closet ages ago.

Luckily, I had no need to worry about checking a bag, because Carman and I went on a road-trip! 
We are in Utah for two months while I film my latest project and we are excited for the adventure(s) it will bring. Since we will be out here for a total of two(ish) months, I brought staple pieces that I can mix and match the whole time. Traditionally, I'm a serial over-packer, but I am hoping this new leaf I’ve turned over - less is more - has translated in packing for this trip. 

While I’ll be working a lot of the time, we’ll also have a bit of down time to explore the sights of Utah. These pictures are all from our visit to the Great Salt Lake and Antelope Valley.  (Also in the midst of 100+ degree summer weather that I was not expecting for Utah)

I packed all my staples and some layering pieces - we got here in early August and the temperatures were WAY hotter than I anticipated and now we are settling into crisp fall weather that I rarely get to experience in LA. Needless to say, I'm loving it and the layers I'm getting to breaking out.

I made a packing list of the basics I would need to help me stay on track and hopefully ward of some of my past over-packing tendencies. This list is basically the foundation of any trip I go on now - with a few variables depending on weather.


A pair of vintage levis shorts + skirt
straight leg jeans
vintage levis
black jeans 
slide on shoes
a white tshirt (or 5)
a few button ups
every day gold jewelry

The extras:
silk shirt
one chunky turtle neck 
one layering cashmere sweater 
extra cotton tees for layering
one dress for going out
timeless sunnies 
few good books



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