Thursday, May 9, 2019

Mother's Day gift guide

Its crazy to me that I am celebrating my first Mother’s Day as a mama to my sweet boy already! Our Miles has been with us for just over a month and I can’t imagine life without him. 

He is the sweetest little baby and I am forever grateful to be his mama. It’s not always easy - being a mama is a full time job - but it’s the most rewarding job I’ve ever had and I am proud to join the club of mama’s who are all working hard and loving these babes so well! 

So in honor of this special day and the special moms in your lives - I’m rounding up a few things on my wishlist for Mother’s day that I think any mom in your life would love! 

- Mama Necklace from Vrai and Oro : this special pendant necklace is a beautiful reminder of the new title “Mama” - something I don’t take for granted. It’s a limited time design by Vrai and Oro and they describe this necklace as “an empowering reminder of the unconditional love and relentless strength mothers bring to out lives”. As a mother myself, that description is humbling and as someone who has the most incredible mother, it couldn’t be more accurate. 14K gold with a round brilliant diamond - top quality for every day wear and an every day reminder!

- Anything from Able : this by women, for women brand has every staple a mama could want and the mission behind the brand is something every mama would want to support!

- The First 40 days : this book breaks down the importance and the need to slow down and care for your body in the first 40 days postpartum. It dives into different culture’s customs when it comes to caring for the mother during this precious time. It gives recipes, advice, etc. Every mother (or partner) will benefit from reading up on this! I got this book during my pregnancy and loved reading through how to care for myself during this time and looking at the recipes for healing! My current favorite recipe as I’m nearing the end of my first 40 days is the ginger fried rice! 

- Spa / Massage day at your local spa (for me, its Milk and Honey!): I don’t know any woman/mother/person who doesn’t want a day (or even hour) at the spa. best gift ever. 

- Mama gold band by Elisa Solomon: another pretty piece of Mama jewelry! this pretty little every day ring is the perfect gift for any mama in your life. A quality, solid gold piece you can wear every single day! 

- Storq kit bag : this cutie kit makes diaper changes a breeze with everything you need packed into one adorable pouch. diaper changes aren't glamorous  but spice it up with this adorable block printed changing mat and pouch! Definitely on my wishlist - I love it in the rust color!

- Storq Caftan dress: this dress was on my wishlist during pregnancy and it still is! My favorite thing about this Storq piece is that it goes beyond pregnancy and works perfectly for nursing once baby gets here. 

- Everlane Tread sneakers : to chase around that sweet baby in (ethical!) style + comfort. 

- Aesop body balm: because as a mom it’s hard to justify spending this much on something like this, but it’s a little luxury that she’ll enjoy! 

- Mama body stone by Kate Mcleod : this mama loves a good bath, so after that bath, gift your mama/wife/friend the gift of this all natural body stone. Perfect for moisturizing any and everything, including baby! It also comes in a cute reusable bamboo container!

- Vitruvi Stone Essential Oil Diffuser: I’m so in love with the new collection of colors Vitruvi put out of their diffusers, and I think the mom in your life would be too. This is a practical luxurious gift that she’ll use every day and it benefits the whole family! (use 'vitruviXsavannah to save 20%!)

- Buffy Comforter: speaking of practical gifts! a new comforter to make what little sleep she’s getting count! Buffy just put out a new comforter designed for people who run hot! This temperature regulating comforter is made out of eucalyptus fibers and helps keep you cool in the night AND is hypoallergenic. As a new mom, you’re constantly running hot, whether its from hormones or holding that little space heater of a baby on your chest to soak up those snuggles - this is the answer to all those problems! 

Other ideas: anything Mate The Label, Caudalie, Valentia Skincare, Lively bras/undies, a new plant instead of flowers, etc! 

There are so many ways to show the moms in your life that you care - but a little quality time and words of appreciation go a long way (more than any gift!). So celebrate the moms in your life this Mother's Day and every day - after being a mom, I appreciate all the hard work the moms in my life have done even more now!


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