Wednesday, March 6, 2019


I had my first shower in LA about a month ago, my second baby shower a week ago in TX and both of my showers were so much fun. Carman has been out of town so it was so nice to have something to look forward to while he’s gone and just enjoy celebrating, friends, food and Miles! 

my aunt HANDMADE this cake for my Texas shower
little 'M' for Miles cookies and treats covered the dessert table 

My first shower was thrown in Los Angeles by a group of my closest friends. They created a beautiful nature inspired shower inside at the last minute because LA surprised us with a downpour that morning. They brought the outside indoors with lots of greenery and natural wood accents resulting in a boho shower with indigo mud cloth accents for a pop of blue! 

 My second shower was in Texas and was thrown inside my parent's home (pictured above and below!) which made it super special. This shower was thrown by two of my cousins / best friends and my Aunts! They incorporated all of my favorite things, creating a neutral, natural and organic inspired shower that was absolutely stunning. They used lots of natural elements and textures like branches, baskets, and wood blocks for the decor. It was a beautiful and surprisingly sunny day with light pouring in from all angles of the house - such a special day! 

TX shower (pictured above):
In Texas, everyone wrote a special message to Miles that we'll read to him one day!

LA shower (pictured below):
My friends set up this super cute corner where all of the guests strung a strand of wooden beads to create a wall hanging for Miles’ room (and the branch they're hanging from was taken from a tree in one of my friend's backyards). It's the most special thing in his nursery, I'll cherish it forever! It's a little piece of so many women who love and have prayed over him and I know they'll continue to! He is such a loved little boy already. 

In Texas, we played this hilarious game where everyone had to cut a string to the length they thought my belly was - the person with the string perfectly fitting around my belly won a prize! 

my cousin + best friend who threw my TX shower! 

my sweet mama!


At both showers I felt so special, loved and surrounded by incredible women who already love our sweet boy so much. We spent both afternoons surrounded by good food, talking, laughing, playing games and ending with me opening presents to bring our son home to. We were truly blessed at both of these showers and I know I will cherish these days forever! 

Hope you enjoyed a little sneak peak into my baby showers! 


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